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Is this a manmade product? How is this made?
No, it is natural stone that is quarried from rock bed formed millions of years ago. All we do is bring out the natural beauty of the stone by polishing the surface. 

How many colors of granite are there?
Hundreds of colors of granite are available. See our Granite selection page for some examples of the many colors we offer. 

Does granite have to be sealed?
Granite is a porous product that requires some sealing periodically. Though natural stone varies in density, some stones need to be sealed more than others. We recommend to our customers that they seal their granite annually. 

How do I seal my granite?
It is like window cleaner on a mirror. Spray it on and wipe it down and your are done. Sealers are available through big box home improvement stores or through $39 Granite. We will advise you on how often you will need to seal your granite.

How do I care for natural stone?
Caring for natural stone is very easy. There are numerous natural stone cleaners on the market. Save your money. Warm water, mild dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth are all that is needed to care for you natural stone surface. Never use abrasive cleaners on polished surfaces. Do not use vinegar, lemon juice or bleach or other cleaners containing acid on marble or limestone. 

How long will it take to get my countertops in my home?
For new construction - after the cabinets are installed - we come to your home and measure, and we will install the countertops one to two weeks from template. For remodeling jobs, after we measure, it will be about two to four weeks before your countertops will be installed. Most of the time the old countertops can stay in place until the day before installation. 

Do my cabinets need to be reinforced before the natural stone countertops can be installed?
Generally, no. But in some cases with very old cabinets, they may require reinforcement. We will determine this when we come to measure. 

How should I care for my stone?
You can learn more about natural stone care and cleaning at the Marble Institute of America's website.




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