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Countertop Differences 

At $39 Granite, we understand that there are many different choices in the marketplace for countertops. Some of those choices are of course granite but you will also find quartz or what is called engineered stone, marble, ceramic tile, laminate, concrete, solid surface, stainless steel and butcher block. On this page, we will concentrate on some of the most popular. 


Granite is a natural product dug out the quarries from all over the world. Scientists estimate the 92% of the earth is made up of granite. So the color choices are endless. Local warehouses stock a huge selection of granite, at time you will find between 250 and 400 colors. The positives to granite are not only it's enduring beauty but also it is very hard. Granite resists scratches, heat and impact. Generally in these areas granite is considered to be excellent. The negative to granite is that it is not the best against staining. Granite is a porous material that needs to be sealed periodically. Sealing is a process of wiping or spraying on a protective sealant (available at most big box home improvement stores), gently buffing and then letting it dry. The application for most countertops takes about 15 minutes. However, if staining occurs many times the stain will come out. Also, since granite is natural, please be sure to pick out your own slabs as each one will vary in color and consistency. 


Quartz is becoming a very popular choice in countertops. Engineered stone, as it is also known, is a non-porous surface that is stain and heat resistant. It doesn't need to be sealed. It is available in colors that are similar to natural stone plus some others that are a little more unique. Although it seems that more color availability is occurring, the choices are still quite limited. Quartz does have some negative traits also. In our studies, we have found quartz has a propensity to chip and should not be used as a cutting surface. And look into the warranties for quartz products. Many do not warranty against regular wear and tear.



Marble is a beautiful surface that has all the wide range of natural colors and is also heat resistant. The polished surfaces can be quite uniform in color. Some other types of marble are becoming increasingly popular. Those types include onyx and travertine. Marble is a softer material than granite or quartz and is usually used best for areas that do not get heavy usage. Marble does need to be sealed. It is not good against cutting, scratching or impact. 


Recently, concrete countertops have received much interest. You may have seen it on HGTV. Concrete gives an industrial modern look. It can come in any color in the rainbow. It can be textured and customized. However, like granite it needs to be sealed occasionally. The big negatives are that it can be easily damaged by knives, heat and it scratches when rough items are pushed across it. Also, it can crack and does not do well against impact. 


Solid Surface 

Solid surface is considered to be best for seamless applications. A popular brand is Corian. There are quite a few different colors available including some that mimic stone, concrete and quartz. It is a non-porous material which makes it stain resistant. We have found it to become nicked and it scratches easily. However, recently, Realtors have told us that their customers are looking at solid surfaces similar to laminate tops. They say it just doesn't get any "value added" to their customer's homes. 


Laminate is the most popular countertop surface. You will find it in many starter or homes that are 15 years or more old. Laminate is the most inexpensive surface. It does come in a variety of colors and patterns. Some also mimic granite and quartz. Laminate is easily installed and resists some stains and some heat. But laminate can be easily scratched and is not repairable. Laminate does not add any extra value to your home compared to the other surfaces 



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