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The Process

We understand that this is probably your first time ordering granite to beautify your home. We have compiled a list to prevent any misunderstandings and confusion during and after the selection and installation of your granite countertop.


Download the contract here 


We do ON-SITE measurements and estimates are FREE. We need to get an exact measurement of your countertops so we need to come out to your home. Along with that, we are happy to bring out approximately 30 different popular colors of granite so you can get a better idea seeing the actual colors in your own home in your own lighting and with your cabinets and floors. We will do a free estimate within 30 miles of downtown Charlotte. Out of the Charlotte area but still within our service area, a measurement fee of $30 will be required. 

Selecting of Your Slabs


BUYER BEWARE!!! DO NOT GO SELECT YOUR SLABS BY YOURSELF!!! We will go with you to select the particular slabs that will go in your home. Of course, we will help you with color selection but our trained representatives will help you find the best quality for your budget. We will be looking out for cracks, fissures, veining, discoloration or any thing else that will inhibit full enjoyment of your countertops when they are installed in your home.


Signing of the Contract and Deposit 

$39 Granite requires a minimum of 50% deposit as well as a signed proposal before any fabrication on your countertop begins. Once the deposit and paperwork is signed and work has begun, the deposit becomes non-refundable. The balance is due prior to installation. If you are not going to be at the installation, a check must be left for our installers. If you prefer to call our office with a credit card number for payment, this must be done prior to installation. If payment of the balance is not present, our installers will not install and you will be responsible for a revisit fee of $200. From the time of signing of the contract and receiving of the deposit, the normal time until completion is 2 – 6 weeks. Delays from the customer not picking out their slab(s), allowing our templators access to the home or having cabinetry properly installed may delay the installation longer. 

Change Orders 

The original proposal is based in the agreed specification shown on the invoice. Any changes made after the signed proposal may result in additional charges. This would include, but not be limited to, such changes as addition of backsplashes, changing sinks, changing edge profile, changing color, etc. For the interest of our clients as well as ourselves, we do not accept any verbal change orders. 


To make the template more accurate, $39 Granite requires that the customer be on site and have removed everything off existing countertops prior to time of template. Usually, the existing backsplash will be removed at this time to ensure exact measurements. At times, it will not be necessary to template. Any delay getting information from you, our customer, will delay the installation. If there are any unforeseen changes required at this time, the templator will have the customer sign off these changes. There may be an additional cost depending on the changes made. 

Removal of Existing Countertops 

Customer's responsibilities are to remove the top drawers of the cabinets, disconnect all plumbing, remove the old sinks, disconnect the cook top and remove, and move any appliance that may be obstructing the installation process. If $39 Granite has to remove any drawers, plumbing, electrical or appliance, $39 Granite will not be held liable for any damage. $39 Granite will remove, when contracted for at an additional cost, and dispose your existing countertop for your new granite countertops. This will be done in a demolition style. Though $39 Granite tries to remove the old countertops carefully, damage may occur to your existing sheetrock, cabinetry and tile. The customer will be responsible for all repairs to the sheetrock, cabinetry and tile. The removal includes hauling the old countertops away. If the customer would like to keep a portion or all of the old countertop, please notify the installers at the time of the tear out. The new granite countertop surface may not be at the same level as the old countertop. $39 Granite will not be responsible for the back end wall surface finishing/treatment or restoration. $39 Granite does not do any plumbing or electrical work. It is best for the customer to call a handyman, plumber and/or electrician to do any disconnection or reconnection of water, gas and/or electrical lines. Please have all plumbing, gas and electrical disconnected prior to installation. If this is not done, $39 Granite will not be able to install and it will result in a revisit fee of $200. Plumbing fixtures cannot be reconnected for 24 hours after installation as the epoxy will have to dry for the sink installation. 

If tear out is not contracted for, customer is responsible to prepare the countertops for granite. This includes removal of your old sink(s), removal of top cabinet drawers, covering items in bottom cabinets, removal of any appliance obstructing the installation, removal of your countertops and backsplashes, and removal (if necessary) of your cook top. However, in the event that $39 Granite is not able to install the countertop, a trip charge will be added to the contract price.


Granite is a Natural Material 

Granite is made by nature. Therefore, color and pattern variations can occur even within the same slab of stone. Also, you may notice small holes are in the tops of the granite. Granite is a porous material. Though the granite is sealed at the factory and sealed again by our installers, these holes will still exist. 

At $39 Granite, we will allow our customers to select their own slabs. It will be the determination of $39 Granite to utilize the slab to maximize the usage of the slab. Color variations are a natural occurrence and as such there is no warranty on any color variations. Once a slab has been selected, the customer approves the usage of that slab. 

Why are there seams? 

$39 Granite tries very hard to minimize the number of seams in your granite countertop. However, there are occasions when a piece is not long enough to be used for your installation. Also, depending upon the configuration of your installation, $39 Granite may need to use a seam to prevent damage to your countertop in transportation. When a seam is used, $39 Granite makes every attempt to minimize the appearance of the seam. 

Condition of the Underlying Structure 

The conditions of the underlying structure of the cabinet, flooring, wall plaster, sheetrock, and so forth, are the responsibility of the customer. $39 Granite will set the granite countertop within normal boundaries of level and plumb and square. $39 Granite is not responsible to fix any setting or inadequate construction of the cabinets, knee walls, floor or surrounding structure. $39 Granite will shim up stone countertops to level the countertop so the seams line up, which may create few gaps under the granite countertop. Homeowners will be responsible for any trim work required. 


Installation & Cutting Granite on Location 

Countertop installation may have some cutting or drilling on the location. If that is the case, there will be stone dust or powder and or cutting fluid (water mixed with stone powder) spreading out in the location. The $39 Granite installer will try to minimize the dust and will only clean the countertop part after the installation. The detail cleaning other than the countertop will be the customer's responsibility. Customers need to remember that this is a "construction zone." We recommend, for the protection of your belongings, that the customer remove top cabinet drawers and cover items in lower cabinets. At the time of installation, we will require that all appliances be present so that we can fully complete the job. If appliances and fixtures are not present, there will be an additional fee to come back and complete the installation. For the safety of our installers, they are required to wear shoes when they install. If there is inclement weather, we may postpone installation. Any request otherwise will not be honored. 

Payment of balance upon completion 

Upon installation, the customer agrees to pay the balance in full to the installer. If the customer does not pay the balance upon completion of the installation, the customer will be assessed a $250 collection fee. Any balance not collected at installation will be assessed 2% after 10 days past due. If Evergreen Homes has to take any legal action or collection action to claim the past due balance, customer is responsible for all costs incurred including attorney's fees, court costs and damages plus interest. Evergreen Homes will also have the right to charge to credit card account number on record, or choose to retrieve the product from the customer location without any responsibility for any damages caused from the demolition removal, and refund the down payment less labor cost incurred, to the customer for any nonpayment. 


Evergreen Homes and $39 Granite's warranty covers seam splitting, cuts, general installation and granite breakage under normal usage. Warranty is for a period of one year from the time of installation. Natural granite may contain minor variation in color/marking/veining or spots. These are not considered defects but a natural characteristic of the granite. Warranty does not cover any abuse of the countertop, including but not limited to the removal or moving of the countertop by a person other than $39 Granite personnel or any deliberate destruction of the countertop. The warranty also exludes damages that were caused by the structural problems from a customer's wall, floor and or cabinets, abusive use of the countertops, lack of maintenance, or that were altered by a third party or by unusual impact or load. 



The Process


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