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What To Look For

1. Do you have a showroom?

This shows that the company is established and you have a place to go if something goes wrong. $39 Granite has a showroom at 800 Clanton Rd., Charlotte, 28217. It is located in the Waterford Center facing 1-77 at the Clanton Road exit (exit 7).


2. Do you fabricate your own jobs?

Many "granite companies" job out their granite to other shops.This means that they do not have the quality control to insure your countertops will be the best quality. Also, why would you want a cabinet company do your granite? Come to the specialist $39 Granite has a 22,000 sq. ft. facility and our own crews. We also have an engineer who will template your project


3. How long have you been in business?

Some granite companies at this show have only been in business for a short time. They also have limited experience dealing with all the issues that can arise during the process. Make sure that they are not running their business out of the back of their car! $39 Granite has been in business f.pr almost 6 years and we have completed over 4000 jobs. Our fabrication team has been instructed in the highest and best quality procedures available.


4. Will your fabricator help you select your slabs?

Many fabricators just send their clients to a wholesale warehouse and let you "roam". The wholesaler cannot tell you prices so you have to guess whether or not the slabs that you select are in your price range. Also, we are the experts to show you what is a good slab or a bad slab. It is our job to show you the difference. Some slabs have large inclusions or fissures in them. Sometimes they have cracks that are hard to see. It is our job to make sure you get the best quality possible. We always are with you during the selection of your slabs.


5. How long will my job take to install?

The average kitchen takes about 5 hours to complete. Plumbing will need to be reconnected the next day. $39 Granite provides complete service from . disconnection of plumbing, removal of countertops, installation of your new granite countertops and installation of a top quality undermount sink and final sealant and reconnection of your plumbing. Remember, once the granite is cut, the only sink that can fit in the hole cut for the sink is the same sink so you must have a top quality sink! Don't settle for the "free sink" promotions. The only sink you will get is a cheap sink.


6. How long will my job take to fabricate?

When you buy through $39 Granite, you will know the date when you countertops will be installed when you purchase. Typically, this is one week from template.


7. Will you have one person that will help you from start to finish?

You will never be pushed off to someone different than whom you originally met and talked with so you can have the comfort of knowing you will be taken care of from beginning to end.


8. Is the business licensed, insured and bonded?

Many companies out there are not licensed, insured or bonded. Ask for proof! If they are not and a worker ijets hurt on your premises, you will be sued! $39 Granite is a licensed North Carolina general contractor. Our liability insurance is for 5 million dollars. And, yes, we are bonded.


9. Can the other granite company help you with all your construction needs?

As a licensed building contractor, ·we can offer you a full service company. We do full interior and exterior renovations. Whether you need new kitchen cabinets, hardwood, tile or carpeting, construction changes, new bathrooms, siding, roofing, or windows, we can handle your job!




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